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Notilus | Piping (E)
Notilus | Piping (E)
Notilus | Piping (E)
Notilus | Piping (E)

Notilus | Piping (E)

This is the evaluation version of Notilus Piping. | Notilus Piping is a plugin that allows piping and 3D modeling in Rhino. In pipeline modeling, TEs and reductions are automatically added to the model by drawing pipes of the desired diameter and standard. Nautilus piping allows changing the pipes characteristics dynamically. Bill of materials can be added directly into Rhino or exported in CSV format. Tongues in curtain transitions are created automatically. Valves and fittings of the desired diameter can be added from the Valve and Fittings library.

  • Basic Spool configuration added
  •  'npSetDistance' command added
  • 'npJumpPipes' command added
  • 'npMultiSplit' command added
  • Layering system is updated. Outer diameter and thickness information of the pipe added to the layer name.
  • np45to90 command added: converts 45' connections to 90' corners
  • Flip channel command updated
  • Doubler flange integrated
  • Details added for BOM table 
  • Duplicate reducer placement fixed
  •  Delete pipe button added to edit pipe in library form
  • Add material to library command added
  • Diameter x Thickness column added to pipe layer form
  • Filters added to change & delete penetration forms
  • Pipe movement fixes made
  • Fixes made on channel & cable tray elbow naming
  • Minor bug fixes made

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